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aerodrome aircraft airfield allotments (landuse) allotments (place) ambulance station amusement arcade antiques apartment apartments archaeological site art arts centre artwork assembly point association athletics atm attraction atv


baby goods baby hatch badminton bag bakehouse bakery (craft) bakery (shop) baking oven bandstand bank bar bare rock barn barracks baseball basin (landuse) basin (water) basketball basket maker bathroom furnishing battlefield bay (line) bay (natural) bbq beach beach resort beach volleyball beacon beauty bed beekeeper bench beverages biathlon bicycle (route) bicycle (shop) bicycle parking bicycle rental bicycle repair station biergarten billiards bird hide blacksmith block blowhole bmx boat boatbuilder boat rental boat sharing boatyard bobsleigh bollard bomb crater bookbinder bookmaker books border control borough boules boundary stone boutique bowls boxing breakwater brewery brewing supplies bridge (building) bridge (man_made) bridleway brownfield buffer stop builder building bullfighting bump gate bungalow bunker (building) bunker (military) bunker silo bureau de change bus busbar bus guideway bus_station bus stop bus trap busway butcher


cabin cabinet maker cable cable barrier cable car cafe camera camp pitch camp site canal (water_canal) canal (waterway_canal) candles cannon canoe (route) canoe (sport) cape car caravan caravan site car painter car parts carpenter carpet carpet hanger carpet layer carport car rental car repair car sharing car wash casino castle caterer cathedral cattle grid cave entrance cemetery chain chair lift chalet chapel charging station charity (office) charity (shop) checkpoint cheese chemist chess childcare chimney chimney sweeper chocolate church (building) church (historic) cinema city city block city gate city wall citywalls civic cleaning clearcut climbing climbing adventure clinic clock clockmaker clothes coastline cockfighting coffee collector college (amenity) college (building) commercial (building) commercial (landuse) common communications tower community centre company compensator computer confectionery (craft) confectionery (shop) conference centre connection point conservation conservatory consulate consulting container continent convenience converter cooper copyshop corridor cosmetics country county courier courthouse coworking cowshed craft crane crematorium cricket croquet cross crossfit curtain cutline cycle barrier cycle polo cycleway cycling


dairy dam dance danger area darts data center debris defibrillator deli dental technician dentist department store depot derail detached detour digester diplomatic disc golf course distillery distribution point district disused dive centre dock doctors dog park dog racing dog toilet do it yourself door construction doors dormitory dovecote drain dressmaker drinking_water (amenity) drinking_water (emergency) driving school drugstore dry cleaning dry riser inlet dune dyke


e-cigarette education educational institution electrical electrician electronics electronics repair elevator embankment embassy embroiderer emergency access point emergency bay emergency ward entrance employment agency energy energy supplier engineer engraver entrance equestrian erotic escape escape game estate agent events venue exchange


fabric fairway farm (building) farm (historic) farm (place) farm (shop) farmland farmyard fashion fashion accessories fast food fell fence fencing ferry ferry terminal field hockey financial financial advisor fire alarm box fire extinguisher fire hose fire hydrant firepit fireplace fire_station (amenity) fire_station (building) fishing (leisure) fishing (shop) fish_pass fitness fitness centre fitness station five-a-side flagpole floorer flooring florist flowerbed food court foot footway forest forestry fort foundation fountain frame free flying frozen food fuel (amenity) fuel (shop) full-height_turnstile funeral directors funeral hall funicular furniture futsal


gallery gallows gambling games garage garages (building) garages (landuse) garden garden centre gardener garden furniture gas gasometer gatehouse general generator ger geyser gift give box give way goldsmith golf (shop) golf (sport) gondola goods goods conveyor government (building) government (office) grandstand graphic design grass grassland grave yard greenfield greengrocer greenhouse greenhouse horticulture grinding mill grit bin groundskeeping groyne guard rail guard stone guest house guide gym gymnastics


hackerspace hairdresser hairdresser supply halt hamlet hampshire gate handball handicraft handrail hangar (aeroway) hangar (building) hapkido harbour master hardware hazard health food hearing aids heath hedge height restrictor heliostat helipad heliport herbalist hifi highwater mark hiking horse horse racing horse riding horseshoes horse stile hospital (amenity) hospital (building) hostel hotel (building) hotel (tourism) hot spring house houseboat household linen houseware hunting hunting stand hut


ice_cream (amenity) ice_cream (shop) ice hockey ice rink ice skating ice stock industrial (building) industrial (landuse) information inline skates insulation insulator insurance interior decoration interior work internet cafe island islet isolated dwelling isthmus it


j-bar jersey barrier jetski jeweller jewelry jiu-jitsu joiner judo


karate karting kerb key cutter kickboxing kiln kindergarten (amenity) kindergarten (building) kiosk (building) kiosk (shop) kissing gate kitchen (amenity) kitchen (shop) kitesurfing kneipp water cure


lacrosse lagoon lake lamps landfill landing site lane (busway) lane (cycleway) language school laundry lawyer leather level crossing library lifeguard lifeguard base lifeguard platform lifeguard tower life ring lift gate lighthouse lighting light_rail (railway) light_rail (route) line living street locality lock lock gate locksmith (craft) locksmith (shop) locomotive log logistics lottery lounger love hotel


magic carpet mall manor marina maritime marker marketplace martial arts massage mast meadow medical supply memorial metal construction milestone (highway) milestone (historic) military (building) military (landuse) military surplus mineshaft miniature miniature_golf (leisure) miniature_golf (sport) mini roundabout minor line mint mixed lift moat mobile phone model model aerodrome monastery (historic) money lender monitoring station monorail monument moor moraine mosque motel motocross motor motorcycle motorcycle barrier motorcycle parking motorway motorway junction motorway link moving company mtb mud multi municipality museum music musical_instrument (shop) music school


narrow gauge national park nature reserve naval base navigation aid neighbourhood netball newsagent newspaper ngo nightclub notary number number [Hz] nursing home nutrition supplements


obelisk observatory obstacle_course (sport) ocean office office oil mill opposite opposite lane opposite share busway opposite track optical telegraph optician (shop) orchard organ builder organic orienteering outcrop outdoor outpost oxbow


pa paddle tennis padel paint painter palaeontological site parachuting park parking (amenity) parking (building) parking entrance parking space parkour parquet layer party passing place pasta pastry path paver pavilion pawnbroker peak pedal car racing pedestrian pelota peninsula perfumery pesäpallo pest control pet pet grooming petroleum well pharmacy phone photo photo booth photographer photographic laboratory piano tuner pickleball picnic site picnic table pier pilates pillory pipeline piste pitch place of mourning place of worship planetarium plant plant nursery plasterer platform (highway) platform (public_transport) platform (railway) platter playground plot plumber pole pole dance police political political party pond port portal postal code post box post depot post office pottery presbytery preserved pressurised primary primary link printer printmaker prison property management proposed protected area province pub public public bath public bookcase public building pump pumping station pylon pyrotechnics


quango quarry quarter


raceway racquet radiotechnics rail railway (landuse) railway car railway crossing range ranger station rc car recreation ground recycling reef reflecting pool refugee site region religious (building) research rest area restaurant retail (building) retail (landuse) retaining wall ridge riding hall rigger river (water) river (waterway) riverbank road (highway) road (route) rock roller skating roof roofer rope rope tow roundhouse rowing rugby league rugby union ruins (building) ruins (historic) rune stone running (route) running (sport) runway


saddle saddler sailing sailmaker salt_pond sand sanitary dump station sawmill scaffolder school (amenity) school (building) scree scrub scuba_diving (shop) scuba_diving (sport) sculptor sea seafood secondary secondary link second hand security semi detached house service (building) service (highway) service device services sewing share busway shared lane shed shelter shingle ship shoemaker shoes shooting shot-put shower shrine sidewalk siding signal signmaker silo sinkhole siren skateboard ski (shop) skiing ski jumping slipway slurry tank snooker snow fence snowmobile snow net soccer social centre social facility spaceport special economic zone speed camera speedway spices spikes sports sports centre sports hall spring spur square squash stable stadium (building) stadium (leisure) stand builder state static caravan station (railway) stationery steps stile stone stonemason stop stop area storage rental storage tank stove fitter strait stream stream pool street cabinet street lamp stripclub studio stupa sty substation suburb subway (railway) subway entrance suction point summer camp sumo sump buster sun protection supermarket (shop) surfing surveillance surveyor survey point swimming swimming area swimming pool (leisure) swingerclub switchgear synagogue


table soccer table tennis taekwondo tailings pond tailor (shop) tank tattoo tax advisor taxi taxiway t-bar tea telecommunication telephone telescope temple tennis tent terminal (aeroway) terrace tertiary tertiary link theatre theme park ticket tidal channel tiler tiles tinsmith tobacco toboggan toilets toll booth toll gantry tomb toolmaker tower (historic) tower (man made) tower (power) town townhall toy library toys track (cycleway) track (highway) track (leisure) tracks trade traffic mirror traffic signals trailer trailhead train training area train station tram tram stop transformer transformer tower transportation travel agency traverser tree tree house tree row trench trolley bus trophy trunk trunk link turner turning circle turning loop turning point turnstile turntable tyres


ultimate university upholsterer


vacant vacuum cleaner valley variety store vehicle inspection vending machine veterinary video video games viewpoint village village green volleyball


warehouse waste basket water (natural) water (shop) wetland wood